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Textiles thinking for electronics- workshop at Aalto ARTS

This workshop was organised as part of Textiles Interaction Lab (TextIL) which was an year long initiative to promote and facilitate design and research in the field of electronic textiles at Aalto. This Aalto Media Factory funded project was faciliated by Ramyah Gowrishankar and Raija Jokinen in collaboration by the Design Department at Aalto ARTS.

More about the project here:

Workshop info here:

Textile thinking for electronics

  • Workshop prep: electrostatic testing modules #DIY #estatictextiles #arcintexetn #phdresearch
  • Workshop prep #estatictextiles #arcintexetn
  • In development- Electrostatic textiles prototyping board #estatictextiles #arcintexetn #phdwork #designresearchlab
  • It's warm but I'm glad to have days when I can work outside #phdwriting #arcintexetn
  • It's this time of the year again!
  • A little break from the city #14kmhike #spreewald

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