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About is an online documentation of the works and research of Dr. Ramyah Gowrishankar. Her research focus lies in the field of electronic textiles and soft devices and she is interested in exploring the tangible interactions and roles emerging from the integration of traditional textiles and new computational devices, where handicrafts meet technology.


Short Bio

Ramyah Gowrishankar has a doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) from the University of the Arts Berlin. She graduated with a Master of Arts degree in New Media from Media Lab Helsinki, at Aalto University in December 2011 and started her doctoral studies at the Embodied Design Research Group at the Department of Design in Aalto ARTS in 2013. In July 2015, she was accepted for a research position in the ArcinTex European Training Network program and moved to the Design Research Lab at UdK Berlin as a PhD candidate. She completed her doctoral degree with distinction in the research field of HCI with a focus on e-textiles in November 2020.

Ramyah’s education and work experience have been multi-disciplinary in nature and she has worked on many collaborative projects in domains ranging from visual communication, tangible interaction design, filmmaking, animation to interactive & mobile media as well as electronic and smart textiles.


Listed below are some of her frequent collaborators who have contributed to, been involved in and/or supported her works and ideas in the past years:

** Thank you! **


(in no particular order)

Jonathan Cremieux (Digital Maker, Software developer, Husband)

Design Research Lab  (Berlin, Germany)

Designtransfer (Gallery & transfer point at UdK Berlin, Germany)

Arcintex network (A RTD-friendly network of e-textilers, interaction designers and architects)

Katharina Bredies (Researcher, e-Textiles expert, Product and Interface Designer)

Kati Hyyppä (Illustrator, Designer, Maker, eCrafts expert)

Dr. Jussi Mikkonen (Wearable computing expert, assistant professor at University of Southern Denmark)

SERDE (A transdisciplinary Art Centre in Aizpute, Latvia)

Liisa Tervinen (Designer, Jewellery Artist)

Kitchen Budapest (Media Lab and Idea incubators in Budapest, Hungary)

Melinda Sipos (Designer, Cultural mediator, producer)

Media Lab Helsinki (Dept. of Media, Aalto ARTS)

Embodied Design Lab, Aalto ARTS (Design Research)

Swedish School of Textiles, Borås (Smart Textiles Lab)

Helsinki New Media Locomotive (New-media collective)

Till Bovermann/ TAI Studio (Tangible and Auditory Interfaces)

Pixelversity (outreach & education programme of Pixelache Helsinki )

Aalto Media Factory