• Ramyah Gowrishankar
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Turn-around textile interface

This is an interface prototype that explores the textile quality of being able to be flipped inside out. The crocheted interface has two textured sides distinguished by two colours. The ends have magnetic buttons which can be closed to switch-on the controller. Once closed, the loop shape enables one to flip it around from the centre, bringing the yellow and the grey sides alternatively from inside to outside. With each flip, a value is sent with the integrated x-bee module to a computer or another device which can process this information and respond accordingly. The example shown here is that of a light dimmer. To control a light source, the e-textile interface first switched on by  joining the magnetic ends and then flipped as many times as desired. The colour that is on the inside when the ends are connected determines if the light is to be dimmed or brightened. (Yellow inside for brightening, and Grey inside for dimming). With each flip the value is sent to the light source which correspondingly brightens or dims.The prototype is a proof of concept/example for exploring an interaction-driven approach to designing e-textile forms.