• Ramyah Gowrishankar
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Sound textures

Helsinki @ Media Lab Helsinki

This project was inspired by the small midi sound boxes that allow you to punch holes on a musical notes sheet that produce sounds depending on where the hole was punched.

Sound Textures is a phone application that explores the possibility of reading pixels as musical notes. Every image can become an unique sound clip. This idea has a potential that ranges from a fun phone application for users to giving sonic understanding of images for the visually impaired to being able to give a sonical defition to one’s surroundings.

The project is in development stage. The application would be available to download soon.


Media Lab Demo Day, Media Lab Helsinki, May 2009

How it Works:

Once a picture is taken, a line scans the image and plays only the white areas it comes in contact with. The canvas is pre-divided into a tonal map, so depending on the nature of image pixels over this tonal map, they produce a different (pre-determined) sound.

Photosounder is a java-based application written in Mobile Processing.