• Ramyah Gowrishankar
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Helsinki @ Pixelache 2009

Lufilab is a series of explorations using balloons in social spaces as an alternate medium for interaction between people.

Our project balances itself between creating simple amusing accessories and experimentation with ephemeral “things” such as transient light, sound and human conversations.

Hue Jump

Hue jump is a playful “Balloon-worm” that reveals an alternative characteristics of the 3D space around us.

This project was made in Collaboration with researchers at Kitchen Budapest Melinda Sipos, Andras Szalai, David Lakatos and Peter Puklus


Pixelache2009 – Festival of electronic Arts and subcultures , Kiasma Museum, Helsinki, April 2009



ANDMirror is an interactive mirror that `reflects` my thoughts and
ideas of my short stay in Japan during my Exchange Program in IAMAS (Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences). It combines the passive mirror image with the active, manipulated video image.
The constructed self-narrative scroll reveals itself with the presence of the viewer. And my
memories get contained within the silhouette of the viewer along with their own reflection in the mirror. One has to find an appropriate spot within the space of the installation for the narrative scroll to move at a comfortable speed in order to grasp its contents.


IAMAS Graduation Exhibition 2007 @ Softopia,
Gifu, Japan


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ANDMirror from ramyah gowrishankar on Vimeo.


Narrative frames
making process