Non-Fiction Films


Sept 2004, Bangalore @ Srishti school of art, design and Technology

AWARDS: Jurer’s Appreciation Award at the Multi-Visual Academy Film festival in Chennai, India in January 2005.

SCREENINGS : ‘Experimanta 2007’ international filmfestival in Mumbai and Bangalore in March : Collective Chaos , Filmclub, Bangalore


Curious Green, non-fiction film made with a colleague, is constructed out of found footage interwoven with shot footage. The film takes a critical look at the evolution of scientific temper and consequently human nature in the last century. As designers, dealing with the visual language which surfaces all communication, one felt the need to explore and understand the ‘image’. The film is an attempt to trace the evolution of the moving image and in this context understand how it affects our history, our memories and our perception of the world around us. It also illustrates how the meaning of the image changes from mere representations of reality to a medium of communication that merges into manipulation of reality and emerges as a alternate reality that created by mass media. Making of this film not only gave us an opportunity to explore and experiment with the medium but also to question and understand it. The expectation of the film is that it engages one on a personal level and triggers off reactions and memories to create a discourse.

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